Zone Leader South Africa MTC January 2013

Announced Elder Fuller as  Zone Leader 

January 2013

South Africa MTC


Hi Everybody!! Wow thanks for the letters. Its so awesome to hear from home already!

This week has flown by. It seems just like yesterday I was getting on the plane. I leave for Kampala, Uganda on Tuesday morning, and will recieve my first companion and assignment area there. Who knows, by next week I could be back in Ethiopia!! Or Southern Sudan, or Rwanda, which would be preeeeetttty sweeeeet as well.

This week at the MTC has been awesome. We have an amazing group of Elders, whose testimonies are so strong. When we sing hyms at night, I cant help but thinking of the armies of Helaman. It seems nothing could stop this great work. I’m sure we’ll all be a little bit more humble this time next week haha. Everybody is doing awesome here. Most Elders have expressed that the biggest challenge to us is that our group doesnt have sisters. I guess we all have to go through some trials:)

Learning the gospel principles again, and how to teach them in one week has been very stressfull, but super awesome. We are working very hard from 630 to 1030 every night, studying Christ’s teachings, and how they can bless peoples lives. What a priveledge I have of being part of such a great cause. The more I learn, the more I want to know and understand more. I am so greatful for the opportunity that God has given me to help other people.

The most amazing part of this week happened last night. My Companion (Elder Ng’ambi) and I were assigned to teach real investigators!! I was so nervous. Elder Ng’ambi kept pacing up and down, and when they finally showed up for our appointment, I think he almost fainted! After we sat down, the spirit washed over us with such power I couldnt believe it. We didn’t have a lesson planned (they discourage that now, because they want us to work entirely off the spirts promptings) but all the sudden I knew what to say, how to say it, and my companion and I worked together pretty much flawlessly. We taught the investigators, and they really seemed to be interested in the message we were sharing. We gave them a book of Mormon, and they commited to read a couple chapters, and pray about it. Pretty cool experience!! After that happened, and they left, Elder Ng’ambi and I just sat there in amazement.

I hope everybody is safe and happy. I love hearing from everybody. Sorry if I can’t give you a specific email reply, I am a little limited by time (back in Africa, and paying for every minute haha)

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