My Mish!! 2013 South Africa MTC

January 2013

Hello All!! Tadahhhhh! First letter from Elder Fuller! I hope you are all not freezing to death in Utah. It sure is nice to come to midsummer here. It was about 85 degrees yesterday while we were playing soccer. Wheeew!

The MTC is great! Learning about the gospel is wonderful! I have only been here for 2 days, and have already learned so much. An awesome principle of the gospel that I have learned already is that the more you learn about it, the better it gets. It is so simple, yet complex enough to cover all of our silly and complicated earth problems.

I have the greatest fellow elders here in the MTC. There are only 17 of us here in the MTC, so we are already becoming great friends. The hardest part so far has been pronouncing all of their crazy names!! My companions name is Elder Ngambi, and he is from Zambia. (can you find that on a map?). He is a recent convert of the church, but his testimony if very strong, and I have to work hard to keep up with him. I think we will be great teachers together. He is a great companion, and I really hope that I can serve with someone like him in the field.

Tonight we are teaching our first investigator. I am a little nervous, but I guess there is only one way to go into this kind of work! Definately no dipping your toe into the cold pool here. Seeing the gospel as a preparing teacher has already given me a better light on so many things. I am so impressed with all the elders testimonies and conversion stories here. Most have only been members of the church for short times, yet know so much and have such strong belief. They all work very hard. They remind me very much of the people in Ethiopia with their unshakable faith and steadfastness in their belief in Christ. Africa is a wonderful place, with an amazing people. I am so lucky to have been called to serve here!!

The plane ride over here was……not very heavenly. It was intensly long, and not very easy to sleep. I got the chance to explore the underground system of London though, on a 12 hour layover, which was pretty awesome.I felt kindof like a little rabbit that kept popping up and down through all the trains moving underneath the city.  People in London were very pushy, but it was still really fun to see the Parliment building and all the cool old churches. I kept chuckling a little bit when people would talk. “Your drivin on the wrong side of the road!!….Amatuers.” haha.

Well, Love you guys, and miss you all! I can already tell its gonna be a great two years.


Elder Fuller

**Notes from home:

P.S. the photos attached are from the MTC President’s Wife.  One is of Elder Fuller and his 1st companion Elder Ngambi, the other is a picture that was snapped when Elder Fuller was being announced as Zone Leader.

We are SOOOO glad he made it.  Elder Fuller made the journey to Africa alone since no other Americans received their VISAS on time.  Relief.  :)

P.P.S. The quote at the end of his letter is a funny from Shanghai Knights – picture Owen Wilson saying this as he is walking the streets of London for the first time.

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