Ethiopia is GREAT

Hey !!! here’s a little email about ethiopia,   (P.S. many more picture updates on my facebook)

Im doing good. its really really hot here. Being so hot all the time, day and night takes it out of you, especially when you are walking around in the heat of the day. Im getting used to it, but I have never experienced heat like this!!
People in Ethiopia are so nice. Everybody says hi to me, and they are all happy to see me. All the little kids run up and hold my hand and touch my white face. Its pretty funny. I used to think it was rude when I passed and people would yell YOU YOU. (ask mom about this), but I started yelling hello to them after they said you and they always smile and laugh, or ask me a question. They all want to know where my wife is!! 
We started cooking ethiopian style on a stove in our house.n Injira and firfir, durowot, potato wot (my invention) and tons of fruit is what we eat every day, breakfast lunch and dinner.  Its alot like a big camping trip here, except it lasts forever for the Ethiopians. Ziway is a really nice town, with a really cool lake. Everybody here works in the rose fields, where they export roses to europe. The weather conditions really favor growing crops here. Intense sunshine with rain at night sometimes. It rained yesterday so hard!! in Ethiopia it only rains for about 5-10 min at  a time. but during that time new rivers/lakes are formed!! If your out in it, you become soaking wet within 30 seconds, just like if you had jumped into a swimming pool.
My project village Haleku is in pretty bad condition.

Most families live in dirty, fly infested mud huts with 2 or 3 goats. Oxen are the sign of richness there, and about 1 of every 5 men have a pair. The kids are really dirty as there is no water for washing for 30 miles or so. Nobody has a job, everybody relies on their cornfields to produce for their families. No rain, no food. Lots of the kids are malnurished. Its hard to see after living in America. Fruit trees grow all over ethiopia, but the villagers in Haleku don’t have them. All they eat is corn and beans. I sure hope that I can change this village for the better. About 1 or every 3 guys in Haleku have 2 wives!! some I interviewed for the forsight program even had 3 or 4, with 10 kids each!! no wonder there is kids running everywhere!!. Haleku is almost 100%  muslim but they dont really follow the rules. There are mosks but only a few of the women actually cover everything. I guess its too hot for that.
We completed the survey today, a pretty good sucess because the estimate was that it would take at least a week. We are done after 2 days of teamwork and a ton of walking/ motorcycle riding. Cant wait to implement the programs and see change come to this village.
Well, hope everybody is having fun!!  Its not safe to go outside of our compound after dark so I read and study a lot. Oh and if you can send music to my email! I can get it when I visit addis in a week or so on my phone. All I have is 9 songs and Ive heard them 6 billion times because milkessa (the kid I hired to be my side-kick) is fascinated with my iphone. I taught him how to work a shower and a toothbrush last week. He still needs a little practice.
Talk to ya later!
Braden Fuller

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