4-29-13 Nagaa! Akaam? Fayyyyyadha

Hey everybody!! Hows the week going? Anything cool happen in Utah this week? Being a missionary is great! We had such a crazy day yesterday. It was pretty typical, but may be interesting so ill write about it. 6:15, sun peaks over the horizon and the Muslim prayers begin in the city. Goats and chickens start making a lot of noise, and we all get out of bed and begin the day. I start the fire outside,... read more

4-10-13 Wendo Genet is awesome!

4-01-13 Hey everybody!! Thanks for all the awesome emails! Love hearing of all the funny stuff that happens back home. Happy Easter! Easter here is called Fasika here, and it doesn’t happen for 4-5 weeks. This week was Betam Salam, minus the football size beetle that decided it wanted to live in the house, and the tribal dispute between the Sidama’s and the Oromo’s in our area. Haha youve... read more

3-25-13 My VILLAGE!!! Haleku!!

3-25-13 Kaaaaarotee!! Diey Abush everybody? Wow, wow, lots of fun news this week. So many things are happening here in East Africa. The transfer has ended, and I have been transferred to an area called Wendo Ganet, which means Paradise in Amharic. Its a very beautiful place. It is located fairly close to Shashemene, (a Jamaican Rastafarian town in south Ethiopia), which is where My companion (Elder... read more

3-18-13 FLIES!

3-18-13 Hey Mom! I don’t have enough time to write everybody a letter today, but ill just ramble and answer your questions for a minute. Its nice  to hear from everybody. I’m getting attacked by flies right now. They are bad in this part of town. They just crawl all over me haha. Jason’s ok, but he got hurt. I think hes in the States now. He is not here in Addis, the boys told me he... read more

2-25-13 Arrrriffffnooo!!

2-25-13 Hi Everybody!! This week has been absolutely Arrrriffffnooo!! Everything is progressing so well, and I am really getting into the swing of being a missionary. We have been working very hard, and my companion and I have managed to teach a ton of lessons this week, to some very interested investigators. Many of the lessons we taught this week were in the Mountain area east of the main city of Addis... read more

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