6-03-13 Chuuphama!‏

Hey Everybody!! How is everybody enjoying the awesome summer weather? This week was a super cool one. Two of our investigators, Brooke and Gamechu were baptized this week….my first two personal baptisms!! It was so amazing to see them change their lives, and truly follow Jesus Christ and become baptized. Both of them bore awesome testimonies after the baptism, of the Book of Mormon and the... read more

5-27-13 Hi From Africa!

Hi Everybody!! This week was really great! We really had a blessed week, and had a great time in serving the Lord. Highlights of the week were definitely Lessons with Brooke. He is a really really powerful investigator, that has read almost the entire Book of Mormon already, and really changing his life to follow the “straight and narrow”. To see him change his life really makes me realize the... read more

5-20-13 Enam Indiahone……‏

Hey Everybody!! Hows America?  Is it warming up over there? This week has been another really great one on mission. I got a new companion this week! His name is Elder Salakielu, and he is a really big Polynesian guy! He is super cool and has been a great companion already. I think he may loose some weight here in Ethiopia…..He is not a big fan of Injera, and there is pretty much  nothing else to... read more

5-13-13 Hi! Hyena

So nice to talk to you guys yesterday! It was super fun! Haha the qote for this week is “Ive had diarreahs since easters”. We got fed so much super spicy food that it has really disturbed our stomachs. Work is great! I got news that my new comp is in Uganda right now. I guess he’s a big poly kid?? I guess we’ll see!! Love you guys! Saw a cool hyena last night! Elder... read more

5-6-13 Melkam Fasika!

Hi Everybody!! Happy Ethiopian Easter today!!! Is it starting to get warm in Utah yet? This week has been a really wonderful one. With the new transfer, I got a new companion (brand new from the states!) but he had visa problems so I ended up serving with a really cool guy named Elder Assefa from Addis Ababa. I already can’t wait to take my greenie to eat some Injera haha. I am now in... read more

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