A Night for Ethiopia

I’m putting on theee most awesome concert to benefit my humanitarian mission to Ethiopia this year. I am leaving before school ends on May 20th, 2012. And.. I could use some help. Watch this video and come to the concert Wednesday night at good ol’ MCHS.

If you can’t make it, I have donation button here you can click and donate away. 100% of the proceeds raised go directly towards this mission through me.

Anyone who donates will receive a download of the full song “Prayer of the Children” (part is heard in the video on this page) performed by me and my trusty guitar. ┬áKurt Bestor himself gifted the mechanical rights to this song as his donation towards my project.

A Night for Ethiopia











One Response to “A Night for Ethiopia”

  1. Emily Wiegman says:

    Braden this is so amazing. You are very lucky to be given this opportunity to help these people who have so little. I am sure that you cherish this experience forever. Thanks for being great! :D

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