6-03-13 Chuuphama!‏

Hey Everybody!! How is everybody enjoying the awesome summer weather?
This week was a super cool one. Two of our investigators, Brooke and Gamechu were baptized this week….my first two personal baptisms!! It was so amazing to see them change their lives, and truly follow Jesus Christ and become baptized. Both of them bore awesome testimonies after the baptism, of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the Gospel. Brooke especially has seen such a huge change in his life it is so amazing.
We continue to work and pray here in Shashemene. It is definitely an uphill battle, but we are winning, one soul at a time. Something I asked the Lord for at the beginning of my mission was to be allowed to see the change that true conversion brings, as the people here accept the gospel. This week I have received that wonderful blessing. I have seen families, and individuals change their entire outlook on life. I have been blessed to see people “take upon themselves the name of Christ”… and with his name, his qualities. The most noticeable quality being that pure, unconditional love for everybody they come in contact with. The light that you see come into the people’s eyes as they learn to pray, and learn of the truth of Jesus Christ is so incredible to witness. Its uncontainable, and contagious. It gives them a purpose, something to hold onto in life, and when they cling to it, it builds and strengthens them. A favorite quote I see painted all over the fun mud houses here is “God is Love”. That Quote is so true. It doesn’t matter where you live, or who you are, “God is Love”.
I hope everybody is doing well!! I have a pretty sweet ” African missionary tan” right now (that is fried burnt everywhere but the collar and short sleeves). P day today was super fun, as we had the opportunity to go to a game reserve about 30 minutes away from our house. We got to see Warthogs, gazelle, ostrige, Tons of flamingos etc…..It was super cool! WE also found this mud that was really hard on the top, but had tons of water underneath. We jumped on it like a trampoline for a while. I think the locals thought we were going crazy, but some of the little village kids came and joined in. The coolest part was that there was basically no signs, and it was really crazy roads. We just kind of wandered all around the huge park, and even found some cool hotsprings! Definitely worth another trip sometime.
Welp, have a great week! See ya’ll in two!
Elder Fuller

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