5-6-13 Melkam Fasika!

Hi Everybody!! Happy Ethiopian Easter today!!! Is it starting to get warm in Utah yet?

This week has been a really wonderful one. With the new transfer, I got a new companion (brand new from the states!) but he had visa problems so I ended up serving with a really cool guy named Elder Assefa from Addis Ababa. I already can’t wait to take my greenie to eat some Injera haha.

I am now in charge of Shashemene and Arsi negele branches, and am over the branch of Wendo Ganet as well. Super exciting to see the church grow in this part of the world that I love so much. 

We have had a really wonderful week, the highlight of which was Ethiopian Easter, Fasika. It was so Awesome!! We had Lunch and Dinner appointments all day long, and ate Duro Wot and drank Kanito (honey drink) until we all thought we were going to pop. It was a wonderful opportunity to find some new people and share a nice message about Christ, and about how he truly is the Son of God and the Savior of all mankind.

Another highlight of the week was helping Galeta (one of our awesome members in Arsi Negele) translate 3rd nephi 11 into Afan Oromo, a language that is spoken a lot down here, but no church materials are in it yet. Those Chapters in the book of mormon are so powerful. I can’t help but imagining myself to be there as I read them. You really get a picture for the majesty, and love of our Savior for his people as he appears and teaches these people. It affects peoples hearts all over the world. When people hear these chapters for the first time, especially in their native tongue, it really touches them so much.

Today’s letter will be short, as it is raining really hard and the power is flickering, but I want everybody to know that the Savior does live, and I know it. As I celebrated his resurrection here in Ethiopia yesterday, and read to countless people the testimony of the Nephite people, it really dawned on me. It is true. Reading those chapters leave you with a real sense of awe for the majesty and power, and gentle kindness for the savior. Read them, and ponder on the words, and I can promise anybody, anywhere that you will receive a testimony as I have. You can grow closer to the savior by reading the writings from the people that have touched his hands and feet. We don’t have that chance today, but we really don’t need it. We can feel him in our hearts through prayer, and we can know him by his words. Don’t pass an opportunity to remember him each week by the sacrament. Its just way too important.

Love you all, and thank you for your prayers. I know that is what keeps me safe here in Ethiopia.

Melkam Fasika!!

Elder Fuller

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