5-27-13 Hi From Africa!

Hi Everybody!!
This week was really great! We really had a blessed week, and had a
great time in serving the Lord.
Highlights of the week were definitely Lessons with Brooke. He is a
really really powerful investigator, that has read almost the entire
Book of Mormon already, and really changing his life to follow the
“straight and narrow”. To see him change his life really makes me
realize the blessings of the gospel, things that I have always had in
my life, yet never recognized them simply because I have never known
anything different.
Another super cool guy we are teaching is named Ephraim. He is a
father, who works really hard in the fields all day, then comes to
meet us at the church at night. Because of the time, there is no
translator, but I am really proud to say that we are teaching and he
is understanding entirely in Oromiffa. His awesome comment about the
book of mormon last week was “Wow! Nobody else knows about this book,
and its a really important!. He read the entire book of Alma the first
day we gave him one, and has been super interested ever since.
My companion and I have started jogging in the morning. It is super
cool and refreshing to be running through the village in the morning,
before the sun has come out. It feels really good and the scenery is
simply amazing. The fences here are made from Cactas plants, so
running is often like running down a long, dirt chute. When you get to
see breaks in the fence, you can see the Teff (like wheat) and corn
fields rippling in the cool morning breeze. Smoke drifts up through
the thatched roofs of the houses as the Mothers begin cooking
breakfast “Kita’s”. Its also nice to be out in the morning, before all
the little lijoiches (kids) get up and start yelling at the weird
forenjis running for no apparent reason haha.
I continue to marvel each and every day at the Ethiopian people. They
are really some of the best people on earth. Sometimes it is hard for
some missionaries to see past some of the harder aspects in Ethiopian
culture, but as you realize exactly what is going on, you cannot help
but admire, respect and love these people. They are the most tolerant,
loving, and caring people I have ever met, and I really hope and pray
each day that they will come to accept the gospel and allow it to
bless their lives.
I had a really wonderful opportunity today to see Germa’s mother.
(the little kid that I assisted in a sponsored surgery in Addis
abbaba.) Today is PDay so we decided to go for a trip to lake Langano,
which is where he lives. Germa is currently in Addis getting his feet
checked, but his mother was so awesome to see. She came running up and
started thanking me over and over, telling me about how “mishaa”
Germa’s new feet were. It was a really powerful moment for me.
I love it here, and can feel your prayers. Hope everybody is safe and
happy in America!
Elder Fuller

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