5-20-13 Enam Indiahone……‏

Hey Everybody!! Hows America?  Is it warming up over there? This week has been another really great one on mission. I got a new companion this week! His name is Elder Salakielu, and he is a really big Polynesian guy! He is super cool and has been a great companion already. I think he may loose some weight here in Ethiopia…..He is not a big fan of Injera, and there is pretty much  nothing else to eat haha.

It has been really hot and dusty this week, which is interesting because it rained all last week. The corn and other crops in our area are begining to grow taller and taller, and with the rain last week everything has really greened up as the sun shines on it.
Best part of the week so far is definitely and investigator we found named Brooke. We were teaching a family in their compound, sitting on the grass, and Brooke waited outside for us. As soon as we had come out from the lesson, he came over and asked us to teach him. He has been super golden since then, and is keeping commitments really well. He loves the book of Mormon, and is a very honest and open guy. It has really been fun for us to teach him. The last lesson we had, he told us he was ready for baptism. That was something a lot of missionaries like to hear!!
Some other great investigators is a guy named Ephraim, who lives pretty close to the church. He has a great  family, and I’m pretty proud to say that we taught him twice this week, with no English words used at all. It was pretty choppy, but they loved the lesson on families and the restoration of the Gospel, and I think they understood all of it:)
We had a pretty funny thing happen this week. We finding lost members in Kersa Illala, and managed to find one. They invited us in for lunch, which tasted great (although elder Salakialu was feeding me all his injera while the family wasn’t looking). We had a great lesson, then drove the truck further toward Shashemene, to a place called Kuyera where we met a group of guys that had heard of us and wanted to learn about the restored gospel. We had a great lesson with them, but about halfway through, our investigator (Galeta) just stands up and says “I really need to go”. I was kindof confused, but just ignored it and continued the lesson. Then about 3 minutes later it hit me. I jumped up and ran as fast as I could to the nearest bushes and …… oh man. The same thing happened to my companion a few seconds later.  The guys that were being taught were so confused hahahaha. All three of us had just jumped up and ran off into the forest. Something in the food must have had some kind of time bomb in it.
Ah other than the bad adventure with food, we have really had a wonderful week. We have found lots of cool investigators, and have lots of baptisms coming up in the near future. The Lord is really blessing our work here in Shashemene, and we have seen lots of success in the past 2 weeks especially. I continue to marval at the Ethiopian people, with their humbleness and readiness to accept Christ. I was thinking this week, about how unnatural it would be for an Ethiopian to not believe in God. I don’t think they are capable of it. Their circumstances truly have led them to be one of the most beautiful,humble, and blessed people on the planet. It is such an opportunity to serve them. I learn more and more each and every day.
Thank you for all your prayers, we truly can feel them here in the mission field.
Elder Fuller

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