4-29-13 Nagaa! Akaam? Fayyyyyadha

Hey everybody!! Hows the week going? Anything cool happen in Utah this week?

Being a missionary is great! We had such a crazy day yesterday. It was pretty typical, but may be interesting so ill write about it.
6:15, sun peaks over the horizon and the Muslim prayers begin in the city. Goats and chickens start making a lot of noise, and we all get out of bed and begin the day. I start the fire outside, then jump in the shower.
By 7 or so, cook breakfast (we’ve all been having some stuff called Fasika this week, which is like a barley porridge that is super common here in Ethiopia.
8 begins personal study. Yesterday I studied from the book “Jesus the Christ” and also read some parts in St. John, as I studied Oromo language.
9 no comp study today, because all the sudden we realized we left the sacrament stuff in Negele that week. Elder Harper and I pile into the truck and drive to Negele, dodging Dokey carts and Cow herds going to water along the way. We grab the sacrament stuff just in time to get to church in Shashemene, where we have a great meeting. I spoke this week on our purpose in life, and Elder Harper spoke on choices. Super good Sacrament meeting. Abdulalli blessed the sacrament for the first time, and tons of investigators were there.
Suday school was good at first, but turned into a semi disaster. It turned into an all out holy war inside the church because the muslim investigators got in a fight with the Christian investigators on who was allowed to worship god, and if they could worship him together. Oh dear. I was super lost because they kept switching from Oromo to Amharic, and I can only understand Oromo, so Poor Galeta my translator was trying to keep me updated while they all went at eachother. We finally just clapped really loud and shared a peaceful message about all peoples worshiping God….haha hopefully next week will be better. Our ancient member Safisa (he is like 90 years old) gave me some advice after. He said “it is just better that everybody is Zimbell (shut up) while the missionaries teach.” haha thanks Safisa. It is very important for people to participate in sunday school, but lets all do it peacefully. Thats the goal next week.
After Sunday school we all piled into the car and went to Arsi Negele church, where we had a wonderful church program, and a baptism of a guy named Worqe. The spirit was so strong there at his baptism. After the baptism, he asked if we could come meet his family. We all agreed, not really knowing what we were getting into. We knew he walked to church each week, but we didn’t realize what that meant. Two hours later, after driving up a mountain and very far into the village, we reached his house (a traditional arsi Oromo mud and thatched hut). It was so cool to meet his wife and kids, and realize how much he really had to sacrifice to keep his covenant to come to church each week. It made me feel so weak to realize that he was getting up at almost 4 in the morning to make it to church by 1 in the afternoon. What an awesome guy, who really understands sacrifice. He truly was one who saw the truth and acted upon it. I pray that I can become as dedicated as he is.
After getting home from his house, it was very dark, and we cooked some awesome Shiro wot over the coals, then prayed and went to bed to the sound of the Muslim prayers floating across the city once again.
And that is a typical Sunday in shashemene!
The rest of this week was great as well. We did a lot of Tracting during the week, and found some really cool guys that can help the church grow. Sometimes I realize exactly what we are doing, and it leaves me with no doubt that the lord is with us always. We are a bunch of 19 year old kids, in the middle of Eastern Africa, trying to convince people who can barely understand a single word of what we are saying that a man named Joseph Smith saw God, and restored the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The fact is, it would be utterly impossible except for the fact that we do have the Lord with us, and we have the truth.  His spirit fills in those many holes in our language, and touches peoples hearts.
The Church is growing in every area of the world, and it is because of the faith and prayers of those who know it is true. Thank you for those prayers and that faith. The church is true. The church of Jesus Christ is again on the earth. There is no doubt in my mind. The Lord loves us, his people, and he did not leave us to guess on which way to go. There is a straight, and a narrow way. Follow it, and we receive eternal life. That is the promise.
I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet. To hear people say that here is such an amazing act of faith. They know it is true, because they have let it into their hearts. I know it is true, because I have let it into my heart, “knocked, and then the door was opened”. Those who ask always receive from our God. That is a promise that is always true.
Thank you for everything that you do! Have a Mishaa week:)
Elder Fuller

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