4-10-13 Wendo Genet is awesome!


Hey everybody!! Thanks for all the awesome emails! Love hearing of all the funny stuff that happens back home. Happy Easter! Easter here is called Fasika here, and it doesn’t happen for 4-5 weeks.

This week was Betam Salam, minus the football size beetle that decided it wanted to live in the house, and the tribal dispute between the Sidama’s and the Oromo’s in our area. Haha youve got to love Ethiopia! Its such a fun, crazy place.

I’m pretty short on time this week, but ill give you some highlights:

Had a great week! We had 12 adults at church on sunday in Wendo Ganet. (+ about 40 kids, they love church:)) These numbers are much higher than the first week I came here. I hope they will only continue to get better.

The branch President Cintayo is helping us work on service programs in Wendo so that we can make a big influence in the community, and bring more people to the church. Hopefully in the meantime we can help all those who have fallen away as well. He has really caught the vision this week, and I can’t wait to see the changes that can come to the mission.

We had 4 of the youth in Wendo tell us they desire to serve a mission in the next year! One is the Preacher’s son. I really admire his courage to stand up for what he knows is right.

Sugar cane was soooooo Awesome this week because of some light rainshowers during the night.

Rainy season has come somewhat early this year, which is a huge rejoicing for all the people in this area.

The Hawassa district church is exploding in numbers. We hope that that momentum can carry over into Shashemene and Wendo.

In all, we are working hard to make a difference. Its hard at first, but I have no doubt that the Lord will bless us when we work faithfully.

Pray for the Ethiopians to accept the gospel. They are such a beautiful and faith-full people. Once the church takes hold here, it will be a light to the rest of the world. A good saying here is “QasbeQas”, or “step by step”. By small things are great works brought to pass.

Love you all!

Elder Fuller

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