3-18-13 FLIES!


Hey Mom! I don’t have enough time to write everybody a letter today, but ill just ramble and answer your questions for a minute. Its nice  to hear from everybody.

I’m getting attacked by flies right now. They are bad in this part of town. They just crawl all over me haha.

Jason’s ok, but he got hurt. I think hes in the States now. He is not here in Addis, the boys told me he went back to the States for a sisters wedding or something.  Don’t worry. The Lord will protect me. I know where to go and where not to go and when to be safe. Its something I got really good at last time I was here. Ill be just fine. One of our investigators got robbed really bad this week. He was traveling in South Ethiopia and got Car jacked by some Banditos. He used to be one so he told us it was God’s way of paying him back haha. He begged them for his copy of the Book of Mormon back. They took everything, even his clothes! But he got his BOM back, and eventually made it back to addis a few days ago. He is a pretty cool guy. I love teaching his family. They are southern Ethiopian, from the Wolitina tribe. They are all so nice.

Tracting here comprises of standing on a street corner, or in the market with a book of mormon and a bazzilion pass along cards. We just sit there and say “Salamno”. Usually if we have an hour we can draw a crowd of people, then teach them about the Book of Mormon. Those who want to learn can call us. If they use their own airtime (phones here work like a prepaid phone) to call us we know they are serious and that we should meet them. Sometimes we knock on gate compounds, but most of the time we just get yelled at here when we do that. My comp says that works alot better in the south, where people are a little more humble.

Pretty cool news this week! Congrats to Tyler and Meagan! Guess everyone saw that one coming huh? Congrats for Tate as well. Is he gonna leave on his mission right after high school? That seems so soon!!

Met a cool lady named Azeb this week. She is super into the gospel, and I love teaching her. Were killing a sheep at a members house today. Its gonna be awesome cause the past week and the next 40 days are fasting here in Ethiopia, which means you can’t find any sort of meat anywhere. (They dont eat animal products during a fast) You can only eat so much shiro until you gotta just have some good meat!

First transfer is officially over today. By wendsday ill know if I am moving, then on Thursday morning, ill be gone if i’m going.

I saw something super halarious yesterday. There were like 15 sheep tied to the top of a normal car. They were all laying down, and we thought they were dead, but then when traffic got backed up, one of them lifted up his head and baaaaaaaaaa. Haha only in Africa. We also saw a kid with a sheep on his back riding a bike. The sheep looked pretty happy about the arrangement.

Its been pretty warm the past few days. It got really dusty, then there was a little rain yesterday. It is nice cause the rain knocked all the dust out of the air. Its a lot easier to breath when that happens.

The work is going great! The branch here in Megananga had 95 people at church yesterday. Our goal is 100, so we got really close. The first week I was here, it was only at 65. Amharic is getting eisier to understand every single day, and I have begun memorizing small sentences so that I can contribute in lessons that are done completely in Amharic.

Love you all! I can feel your prayers. They are blessing the work here very much.


Elder Fuller

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