2-25-13 Arrrriffffnooo!!


Hi Everybody!!

This week has been absolutely Arrrriffffnooo!! Everything is progressing so well, and I am really getting into the swing of being a missionary.

We have been working very hard, and my companion and I have managed to teach a ton of lessons this week, to some very interested investigators. Many of the lessons we taught this week were in the Mountain area east of the main city of Addis Ababa. It is quite the hike to get up to our investigators houses. Many of the houses up there are built right into the hill, and the area really reminds me of something you would see in a middle eastern movie like Hidaligo, with most of them being made out of clay bricks with wooden doors. The people up there are always quite astonished to see two Forenjis coming up the mountain.

This week we begun an English class, to help the members/investigators get to know each other better, plus improve their English. It is a pretty fun time of the week. This week we taught “Hi, my name is ———, I am from ———- and I like—————-.

Now, every time we see a member somewhere, they yell “Hi! My name is Tsigi! I am from Wollega! I Like Shiro Wot!! haha.

Some of the Elders here are really sick of Injera. I love it! I guess I can see how in Two years, it could get a little old. I guess we’ll see haha. So far I absolutely love being able to eat Ethiopian food all the time. There is one thing you have to be careful of. All the Elders call it the “Sun Boil”. Its when you eat some really hot Ethiopian food, then go tracting in the hot sun. Pretty much you just get instant Diarrhea that burns like fire coming out. hahaha. I’m really glad I came here before. A lot of the new Elders have been getting a little sick this week, but my body readjusted really well.

My Amharic has been coming along this week. I can read now!! I feel a lot like a Kindergartener. I get so excited when I can read the signs and things. Its especially fun to read things that I can recognize. The hardest part to Amharic is some of the pronunciations. There are a lot of really weird sounds that my mouth has a very difficult time stringing together. Because Amharic is a Semetic language in base, there are a lot of vowels, many times strung together in huge words. It’l take some patience, but I can get it. My Amharic teacher, Ashenafii, says that I am learning really fast and to be patient.  I really love the writing system. It has come very naturally to me, and I am much better at it each day. Once you understand it, it is simple and easy.

Investigator of the week is a guy named Zellalum. He is from Hawassa, and has really changed his life. I won’t give too many details, but he has really turned his life around. He read the book of Mormon all the way up to the middle of 3rd Nephi already, and has begun fixing a lot of the wrongs he did in his past life. He has already taken us to his mother and extended family, wanting them to read the Book of Mormon and learn from the missionaries. He has an incredible testimony that really affects people.

This week, my testimony of the Book of Mormon has been strengthened a lot. I have gotten to see it’s power firsthand, and it amazes me. The importance of the Book of Mormon is something I think I have always taken for granted, because I have always known about it! My favorite scriptures for this week are in 3rd Nephi. If you read those chapters with an open heart, you cannot come away denying that Jesus is the Savior of the World, and that he did indeed show himself to the people of the Americas. It is such a powerful testimony.

Real miracles happen when you are a missionary. I know it is because of the faith and prayers of people all around the world for us. The Lord answers those prayers, and he guides his People to come to the truth. Thank you so much!

Love Ya’ll, and thanks for the letters this week!!:)

Elder Fuller

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