2-18-13 Addis and AMHARIC


Hi everybody!! Wow, what a great week!! Ethiopia is wonderful.

This week I got to learn how to read again!! I have been studying Amharic very hard, and now can read parts of the Book of Mormon *Mesahafe Mormon) The characters are very hard to recignize sometimes, but I am doing well, and can read signs, billboards, and restaurant menus. My vocab is pretty limited so sometimes I don’t know what it means, but its still fun to read the ancient Egyptian looking language!! I have also started memorizing sentences. Awkward moment of the week was when we knocked on a compound of a family, and my Comp started talking to a guy walking past. When the mom came to the door, I said everything I could in Amharic. I told her that I was a missionary, and that we had a very important message for her, that we would like to share. She asked me what the message was, and I didnt know how to answer, cause I didn’t learn those words yet! Haha.

I have really begun to love being a missionary. I love teaching the people that are so excited to learn. As I teach, it is so great to feel the spirit of the truth of what i am saying. The most disappointing times of being a missionary is when you feel the spirit, and you know that they do, but they choose to reject it. Its really hard for me to see that. In particular, we taught a family this week who was so perfect for the gospel. When we were sharing, the Mother was crying because she could feel the spirit, and was thinking about her husband who was dead. Unfortunately that night, one of the daughters came home and convinced them that we were crazy. That was the hardest moment on Mission so far, is when she called and said she didn’t want to meet anymore.

I love the dry season here in Ethiopia. Although it gets very hot, the air feels great, and its not so muddy like it was last time I was in Addis. The sun shines all day, and the nights feel wonderful. The people are so great. Contacting is a piece of cake. We just stand on a street corner and hold out a Book of Mormon. Everybody asks us what we are doing, so we get to tell them.

Jason’s boys are really fun. They come visit us after school at the church alot, and its always great to see their smiling faces! They sure are a great group of kids. People here in Ethiopia are so happy despite the circumstances. Their faith in their God continues to amaze me. I have never seen a people so incredibly religious. Not a single person does not believe in God, and because of that, It is a country that is full of Miricles. The Amharic language itself reflects the people it is spoken by, meaning everything that is said has a reference to God, and thankfulness to Him.

Ethiopia is great, Injera is Awesome, and the Gospel is true!! Share it with all you can

Love Y’all!

Elder Fuller

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