2-11-13 Elder Fuller back in Ethiopia!!


Hi everybody!! Sooooooo, I’m now back in Ethiopia!!!! My first

assignment is in the Megananga branch of Adis Ababa. Who knew I would

be back among these special people so fast?:)

I flew from Johanessburg to Kampala last Monday, and spent two very

hot days there. The humidity there made everything feel sticky. I

spent those two nights with a fan blowing on me back and forth, trying

to keep from sweating all night. It sure was a breath of fresh air to

get to Ethiopia, where it is hot, but not humid. Flying over lake

Victoria was really cool. Uganda is very green, and everything is like

a jungle. The soil is red, like St George, and they drive on the left

side of the road! Or anyside, haha whatever suits them best.

The work in Ethiopia is going great. We are teaching a very smart guy

named Ababu, who we found at the market. He has a PHD and has studied

in London, U.S., Netherlands, and Ethiopia. He is very prepared for

the gospel. When we taught him the first lesson, he went out to the

car and read the BOM for nearly three hours. It has been so great to

see him progressing!

The amazing thing about Adis Ababa to me is the amazing diversity. We

taught Ababu, who runs the Hundai dealership here in Addis. Then, the

next appointment was a 45 minute hike away, up the mountain, where I

gave my first blessing to a guy sick with Typhoid fever in a mud hut.

I guess it all comes down to the fact that the gospel is the same

everywhere, and that it can bless the lives of all.

My companion’s name is Elder Calcote, and he is amazing. He is fluent

in Amharic, and has taught me alot already. I have Amharic class with

a teacher for two hours every morning except Sunday and Monday. The

hardest part for me is the dang Alphabet they use. There is so many

different characters that mean different things. Its hard to keep them

all straight, but I will get it eventually. My tiqo bit of Oromo has

helped us already! I was able to talk with a few guys who weren’t

quite able to understand English. It was fun to hear that language

again, and I really hope to have it perfected by the time I get home.

I am preparing for a very big week. We are hoping to find lots of good

investigators, and continue teaching the ones from before. It is a

very exciting time for the Church in Ethiopia. These people are so

humble and ready for the gospel. I feel so priveleged to be the


By far the best moment of the week was seeing Jason and all his boys

again. I sure missed those kids!! We had a lot of fun talking and

playing around at the church. The second best moment was when I got to

eat my first Injera back in Ethiopia. That is gooooooooood food.

Well, I hope everybody is well!! I don’t know how well Dear Elder

works here in Ethiopia, as the mission is centrally located in

Kampala, Uganda. I will only get those letters every 6 weeks when we

get new guys carrying the mail. Pretty much just send everything by



Elder Fuller

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